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Art by Elena Leonova

Elena Leonova an artist based in Manchester producing fine art paintings.

My name is Elena Leonova and I am a Cheshire-based artist and designer.  All my life I was interested in art and was searching myself as an artist and found who I am and what I want to do. ..

I developed my own signature style technique where I create artwork on metal mesh which is later fixed on a wood panel. These works exhibit rich and distinctive texture making an intriguing impression on the viewer.

My paintings represent a fusion of my passion for impressionism and figurative art and my vision of how these can be used to communicate human emotions. I am fascinated and inspired by human thought and emotion evoked by everyday experiences and the life around us. My work essentially captures my own emotions and reflects what I see in the world that surrounds me, and I want to convey this to the viewer in various forms. What gives me a sense of fulfillment is when a viewer shares these emotions and can appreciate what comes through the painting - this is most pleasing.