2014-09-12 at 17-38-17 (1) elena leonova, cheshire, artist, designer, spesialises, creating, distinctive, unique, contemporary furniture, artwork, home accessorie, About us 2014 09 12 at 17 38 17 1 150x150Elena Leonova is a Cheshire-based artist and designer who spesialises in creating distinctive and unique contemporary furniture, artwork and home accessories.

Elena was born in Russia in 1974 and studied art and textile design at Ivanovo University of Chemistry and Technology, some 180 miles northeast of Moscow. She started her career as a textile designer with one of the leading textile manufacturers in the country before relocating to the UK. Based in the South West and subsequently in the North West she went on to work in upholstery with several soft furniture producers and was involved in many bespoke furnishing projects ranging from sofas for private customers and retailers to bar seating for hotels and exclusive designs for high profile clients. After over 10 years in the business Elena decided to set up on her own focusing on high-end furniture and homewares as well as artwork, something Elena has been active in since her University days.

Elena’s first design was born as part of her private collection and sprang from her interest in bespoke furnishings and interior design. This led her to develop a technique that combines traditional quilting and intricate hand-cut patterns transforming conventional furniture into individually crafted pieces of art with pictorial surface relief designs. Whether a contemporary dining chair or a vintage wing backed armchair, each piece is exclusive and eye-catching. Most of Elena’s work is now produced using this technique. Subsequently she also came to use a combination of drapery with art techniques and moulded materials embellishing her ideas both on furniture and home accessories.

leonova5 elena leonova, cheshire, artist, designer, spesialises, creating, distinctive, unique, contemporary furniture, artwork, home accessorie, About us leonova5 168x300Alongside her furniture work, Elena paints utilising traditional approaches such as acrylics on canvas and her own signature style technique where she uses a mixture of modeling paste and paints to create her first-rate artwork on metal mesh which is later fixed on a wood panel. These works exhibit rich and distinctive texture making an intriguing impression on the viewer.

Whilst furniture is a means to express art in unconventional form and deliver elements that would complement interior décor, Elena’s paintings represent a fusion of her passion for impressionism and figurative art and her vision of how these can be used to communicate human emotions. In her own words: “I am fascinated and inspired by human thought and emotion evoked by everyday experiences and the life around us. My work essentially captures my own emotions and reflects what I see in the world that surrounds me, and I want to convey this to the viewer in various forms. What gives me a sense of fulfillment is when my customer shares these emotions and can appreciate what comes through the painting – this is most pleasing”.

Each product is meticulously produced to add a new perspective to interior décor. Whether you’re looking for an ottoman or a contemporary dining chair, a headboard or a wallcovering, a set of cushions or a painting, your new addition will transform the room and give it a new character. Designs can be realised on any product, new or reupholstered. Furniture is handcrafted to the highest standards using only natural leather and the best quality materials sourced from UK manufacturers. Everything is manufactured by experienced and skilled craftsmen, made to order and designed to customer specifications and taste.

4580046283.swf elena leonova, cheshire, artist, designer, spesialises, creating, distinctive, unique, contemporary furniture, artwork, home accessorie, About us 4580046283Each project involves visiting prospective customer to explore the nature of the space and context, and discuss desired design, choice of materials and timescale. Once the final design is agreed and customer’s approval is received work begins. At any stage during the process the customer is welcome to visit the workshop to follow the progress of ordered work. Every project is bespoke and individual approach based on customer specifications always takes priority. Finished product is guaranteed to exceed expectations.

A selection of available products and sample designs can be viewed on these pages. The choice however is limitless. Please use the contact page to discuss the project you have in mind.